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Simple Tips To Help You Find Good Stone Mountain Georgia Apartments

Beautiful Stone Mountain Georgia located about 40 minutes from downtown Atlanta is a favorite place for those who want to escape the congestion of the city life. With so much to do in Stone Mountain and plenty of activities to entertain the entire family, it is a nice place to get away for awhile. But for some people who prefer life outside the big city, living in Stone Mountain is even better!

Many people who work in Atlanta actually commute from Stone Mountain. Since Stone Mountain is a famous resort town, you are seeing more and more people each day choosing to rent an apartment there, rather than in Atlanta. Even though Atlanta is known for its terrible traffic making the commute extra long from Stone Mountain, it is still better to come home to the peace and quiet of the resort town.

Finding an apartment in Stone Mountain can be a bit tricky depending on the season. During the summer months, it is much harder since a lot of people from Atlanta will rent them out and use that as their vacation getaway. The best apartment deals are usually found during the offseason when the rental companies have promotions to get you to rent one of their apartments.

A simple way to find Stone Mountain Georgia apartments is to look online where you can find websites that list what’s available. You can even fill out an application online, get approved and then pick out an apartment without having to go there first. Many of these websites have plenty of pictures of the apartments and some have interactive video tours that place you inside the apartment, giving you a front-row view to what it would be like to live there.

Many people who work at the resorts in Stone Mountain live in the local apartment communities. If you work at one of the resorts you may qualify for a rental discount, so be sure to ask about that when speaking to the apartment manager. Sometimes during the offseason, you can get really good promotional deals where you can save money on your first month’s rent.

Living in Stone Mountain Georgia is a great experience because you have so many activities, a huge lake, golf courses and so very close to the big city of Atlanta. It really is the best of both worlds and major reason why so many people come to Stone Mountain to live year-round and work.